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What Is Sampoerna Academy?

Sampoerna Academy Caters to Student From Kindergarten to High School. We Have Multiple Schools and Campuses in Jakarta and Medan, with more in The Pipeline

Our teaching philosophy encourages students to inquire, explore, innovate and communicate, providing vital skills required for leadership in Indonesia and abroad. Coupled with internationally-recognized academic credentials, we are equipping our students to compete and succeed at every stage of life.


Sampoerna Academy


Harnessing the ′′Power of Play′′ lies at the heart of our early learning center pedagogy. We seek to develop our students into independent learners by thoughtfully incorporating and integrating play in all our lessons. This makes foundational learning related to language and math more interesting and relevant. Through purposeful play, students are engaged in linguistic, communicative and mathematical learning.
We believe that each child is unique and our teachers work with parents to develop a tailored pathway that promotes independence, creativity and imagination.