Early Learning Center

Our Early Learning Center are a natural starting point for inculcating a lifelong love for learning.

Harnessing the "Power of Play" lies at the heart of   Early Learning Center pedagogy. We seek to develop our students into independent learners by thoughtfully incorporating and integrating play in all our lessons. This makes foundational learning related to language and math more interesting and relevant. Through purposeful play, students are engaged in linguistic, communicative and mathematical learning.

We believe that each child is unique and our teachers work with parents to develop a tailored pathway that promotes independence, creativity and imagination.



Kindergarten 1

Kindergarten 2

The Reggio philosophy is centered upon natural child development through relationships with others. Montessori approach emphasizes the close relationship between the school, the child and the family. Our teachers create an environment which allows students to learn through a multi-sensory approach, while encouraging collaborative learning to enhance their socio-emotional development.

The shift from rote memorization of facts to inquiry-based learning nurtures inquisitive minds and develops critical thinking skills, which in turn promotes application of learning in problem solving. Our inquiry-based learning approach is supported by experiential learning platforms such as the use of Lego Learning Kits, and interactive activities on portable computing devices.

Each student will produce a portfolio which will allow you to share in their learning. This portfolio is a means of assessing the child’s learning and provides parents with a tangible means of following their child’s academic and socio-emotional development.

Students are assessed using Outcome-Based Assessment methodology, where they demonstrate what they have learned by doing or applying actual knowledge. The clear objectives of the assessment allow teachers to deploy various teaching methods to attain the desired outcomes among their students.

The Sampoerna Academy houses outstanding facilities, including the technology-integrated classrooms that are purpose-built to support our personalized and STEAM based learning methods. All of our schools provide play areas and exercise space; some have access to larger playing fields and swimming pools through rental agreements.

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