High school

High School

Nurturing young opinion leaders with a world view and a global future.

Sampoerna High School offers students a learning pathway to university through the option of pursuing a tertiary education within the American system, or other international tracks such as Australia, U.K., Singapore or other universities in commonwealth countries.


Grade 10

Grade 11

Grade 12

Students will be guided by Apple and Google certified teachers in the development of an application to address unique problems or issues. The promising applications will be connected to MEKAR, an entrepreneur network that works to secure venture capital to promote promising technologies.
Guided by the Delft Design Framework, this project serves to help students develop programming skills, instill entrepreneurial mindsets and foster creative problem solving.
The Delft Design Framework is developed by the Delft University of the Netherlands and is recognized as one of the most useful, practical and viable design frameworks in the world. It focuses on developing designs in a user context and challenges students to think about commercial applications, understanding the multiple ways individuals interact with technology and products, and provides an understanding of sound management and design principles.

By presenting and teaching knowledge they have acquired through experiments and projects, the high school students mentor younger students on important STEAM concepts and develop their sense of citizenship and social responsibility.

Students can obtain access to college/career counselling from SPAC, which assists them in making informed choices for the next phase of their academic career.

The Sampoerna American College Program, American College Readiness Assessment and the CrossOver Programs constitute accelerated pathways to American universities. For the best and brightest students, passing the Cambridge (IGCSE)/O-Levels, our accelerated pathways can reduce study time by up to two years – which translates into significant savings in fees for parents whether they study in Indonesia or abroad.

Additionally, the rest two years of their university education can take place in Indonesia, so that they are far more mature should they decide to complete the Bachelor’s Degree in the U.S. This combination provides the students with the quickest, most certain, and most affordable option to earning an American Bachelor’s Degree from a top university in the United States.

Our High School curriculum also allows students who choose to pursue their university education in Australia or other universities in commonwealth countries, to continue with both the Cambridge (IGCSE)/O-Level and A-Level curriculum.

The A-Level accreditation does not preclude students from shifting courses and opting to enter into the American stream. Students may still take American college entrance exams such as the Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), at any time during the course of taking one’s A-Level, and enter the American Stream leading to an American Bachelor’s Degree.


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