Middle school

Middle School

Discover and support your child’s strengths, interests and personal development through a rigorous and engaging STEAM curriculum.

Sampoerna’s Middle School Curriculum effectively prepares students for the Cambridge IGCSE Subject Exams Grade 10 and the Ujian Nasional Grade 9 Exam.

Subjects include English, Math, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Geography, Economics, Enterprise, Social Studies and Arts.


Grade 7

Grade 8

Grade 9

Learning extends beyond the classroom as students are given the opportunity to engage and master content on their own time, and utilize valuable classroom time for deeper inquiry, problem-solving and group activities.
This self-regulated teaching and learning approach provides students who are struggling with content, additional resources and time to master the content.

Students develop critical thinking skills by engaging in healthy competition centered around the building, programming and operation of Lego Robotics.
Teams compete based on performance, effectiveness of solution and efficiency of approach.

Students in Upper Primary Grades learn key programming concepts and are challenged to use their logic and critical thinking skills in building their own applications.

The participation in social service projects instils civic literacy and develops global awareness in students.
Students engage in research-based learning as they explore the causes and solutions to acute social problems and present their findings using digital multimedia.


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