Celebrating Chinese New Year at Sampoerna Academy

Jakarta, 16 February 2018

Chinese New Year Celebration 2018

Jakarta, 15 February 2018 – Clad in red shirts and dresses, and with a wide grin on their faces, students of Sampoerna Academy gathered in the L’Avenue campus to celebrate the Chinese New Year. The Academy’s staff also took part in the one-day festivity that has been arranged weeks in advance. 

Students of all grades participated in fun activities such as drawing class, ular naga traditional game, choir, and more. Those who are part of the school’s girl band also had the opportunity to wow the attendees of the Chinese New Year Celebration. Their uplifting performance garnered lots of applause from our students and teachers.

The highlight of the day is likely the Chinese calligraphy session in which students wrote Chinese characters representing good wishes on a red paper. The artistry had such a profound history, and Sampoerna Academy is proud to be able to preserve the tradition by teaching students how to do it.

The Chinese New Year Celebration also took place in our BSD campus where students performed songs and dances onstage. Sampoerna Academy Medan campus will follow suit on February 22th with even more activities in the plan–food bazaar and fireworks display, just to mention a few.

Our students and teachers may hail from different backgrounds, but everyone showed enthusiasm as they took part in the activities that are closely linked to the Chinese culture. This is a hallmark of how Sampoerna Academy appreciates the differences among us.

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