First iPad Training for SU-Education Students

Jakarta, 23 February 2018

First iPad Training for SU-Education Students

Requirements for a qualified teacher has continually increased over the years. Not only they must be trained with new pedagogical approaches but also in engaging with various technological devices in the classroom. As devices like smartphones and tablets become more pervasive, teachers must be prepared in using them effectively and appropriately in creating engaging learning activities. Students also need guidance and mentoring in using these devices as a valuable learning tool.

In Sampoerna University we want our teacher students to be fully equiped when they graduate. Therefore, recently we conducted our first iPad Training for our students as part of their course. They were trained in using the devices to create lessons by a qualified and accredited Apple Trainer. Students were presented with certificates in recognition of completing their training. 

A small step, but definitely in the right direction for the students of Teacher Education in Sampoerna University. 


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